Reta Lila Weston Trust

The Reta Lila Weston Trust is a private UK family Trust first established in the 1970’s to fund neurological medical research. The initial bequest from the Trust, funded and continues to fund, the Reta Lila Weston Institute of Neurological Studies based at University College London. Each year, the Trust also allocates a number of unsolicited, Trustee Initiated Grants.

Can you deliver world class research? The Microbiome and Neurodegenerative disease

The Reta Lila Weston Trust is delighted to issue a request for proposals for novel research with respect to the microbiome that will accelerate the development of therapeutics, identify preventative strategies for neurodegenerative diseases and neurocognitive decline or understand the resilience against such conditions or decline in elderly individuals as a result of the microbiome.

2016 Microbiome and Neurodegenerative disease call for proposals


Up to £200,000 per project per
annum is available for up
to 3 years

Kingdom Only

Research funding from the Trust
is exclusive to UK institutions
and research groups

the Level

Researchers should be at or above
the level of postdoctoral fellow or
equivalent from UK research institutions

Program Details

Research may include: basic research to enhance the understanding of the microbiome in neurocognitive decline / neurodegenerative disease, studies of interventions or new therapies that support the microbiome with respect to neurocognitive decline / neurodegenerative disease (or their prevention), and research to understand the resilience against such decline in elderly individuals as a result of the microbiome.

Application is a two-step process the first of which is a short Letter of Intent followed, if successful, by a Detailed Proposal.

Total funding across the program is anticipated to be £1.2 million over 3 years.